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My dear Bollywood friends

After I created bolly_flicks I realised soon how much work this journal brings with it. The music, the images, the summary... All that and a lot more took so much time, that I had to change the concept to make it easier and less stressier. But soon after the changes my sweetheart got a new job. Since then we have barely time for each other and I decided to set priorities. I came to the conclusion to close this journal. It was a lot of fun and I had many nice and funny conversations with some of you, but I already made my choice.

I won't delete bolly_flicks. All the entries will remain here. So you can come back whenever you want.

Thank you for all your great support, help, ideas and recommendations! I really appreciated it and hope you understand my decision.


Welcome my dear bollywood friends!

This journal is about everything that has to do with Indian movies, cinema and music. If you're interested, just friend this journal and have a look. If you like what you see, stay and spread a word. If not, you can leave whenever you want. There'll be no hard feelings. ^_^

And now, enter the world of saris, coloured costumes and curry! :P